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This is my web page (obviously) with a few useful things but mostly lots of useless stuff. I wrote most of it a long time ago when I was practising web development but I've kept all the parts that people seem to find interesting and/or useful and updated the look a bit since it was originally written.

Who am I?

I'm a web and database developer for the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Leeds.

I'm a geek and graphics volunteer for Freegle as well.

I also do a bit of photography and running.

I am not a rally driver, a professional footballer, a film star, or anything to do with the energy industry in Australia. Nor do I make furniture or collect mechanical banks.

What Now?

Most of the content on this site is pretty old. I post most stuff to Twitter, Facebook or Google+ these days.

The main sections are in the menu on the left. The Acronym Dictionary is by far the most popular (and useful) part of the site. Believe it or not, the recipes are also quite popular. If just 1% of the people who looked at a recipe went on to make it, that would be around 600 a year. Sorry! After that, the photos are next in the charts but I guess that's because that's the first thing you click on if nothing else is of interest! The RISC OS link is there as I used to use Acorn computers quite a lot and there are a few things people still download. There are also a few other things that despite not having been updated in years, still get a surprising amount of interest. They're in the "Other Stuff" section.


If you are offended by anything, don't read these pages. I'm not sure what there is to offend anyone but apparently someone was so read on at your own risk.

If you're the anonymous coward who complained, why not get in contact? I'd love to know what you were offended by.