The Almost Fatal Photoshoot

We all attempted to meet up at Sagittarius A* but it proved too difficult with people sleeping at all hours and attending to jobs on their ships so in the end we only managed to get 4 of us together at one time.

There was some drama though. CMDR Stoneage, Charybdis and I had just finished some photos in formation and were moving away from each other when I heard a horrible scraping noise followed by sparks coming out of my dashboard. I’d been hit by Stonage. Or possibly he’d been hit by me. No one will ever know. Excpet Charybdis who has video evidence and keeps threatening to show it to us. No shields and 26000ly from the nearest repair facility I started to fear the worst.

When we’d carefully moved away from each other I got my breath back and started to look at my module health. As I looked down the list, my heart sank. Thrusters 30%…fuel drone controller 15%… power distribution unit 7%… reactor 0%? Hang on. I realised my ship should be floating in several pieces, along with me, a Remlok and 10 minutes of air.

Then I realised I’d been looking at the power usage, not health. All modules over 90%. Hull at 79% was the worst of the damage. I breathed a sigh of relief and vowed to be more careful in future.

Then I leant on the boost button and almost hit Charybdis.

At that point I decided to move well away from any other ships and take to my cabin for the night. I’ve been out in the black for too long to be hanging around with things to crash into. Got some good photos though:

Screenshot_0626 Screenshot_0631 Screenshot_0635 Screenshot_0638 Screenshot_0646 Screenshot_0648


I’m now half way to the Great Annihilator, another giant black hole, then onwards to who knows where? If you’ve got any suggestions, let me know in the comments.

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