Ollie Clark's Links Page

I've removed most of these links as Google is slightly better at keeping itself up to date. Believe it or not, I originally wrote this page before there were any decent search engines at all so it was actually worthwhile to keep pages of links to help people find things.


Websites of people I know

Most of my friends are much more talented and interesting than me. If I were you I'd go to their sites instead of this one!

Band that Andy Curry is in.
Andy Curry
In his own words, "Andy is a singer-songwriter based in the north of England. He writes songs about gin, hot showers, bees, shotgun marriages, escaping from Manchester, vampires, lifeboats and being beaten up on a wet Thursday night." So there you go.
Digital Destiny
Pete's other website
Jim Champion
Jim is a Physics type person I know from school.
Jim Champion
Jim is a Physics... oh I already said that. This is his other page with less on but it looks nicer.
Jim Stafford
Graphic designer and bass player in various bands
Pale Faced Princess
Rosie's band
Pete Bamford
Retinal stimulation by VJ PISTOL PETE
Rich Garside
Games, HTML Guide, Sooty. What more could you want from a website?
Tom Smith
Tom is a composer currently living in Liverpool.