Mess in the pan

By Jonny Leigh

Breakfast, all in one. Good for hangovers.


2 items 2 Eggs
2 items 2 Tomatoes
4 Slices 4 Slices bread
Sausages (vegi)
1 items Tin Baked Beans


  1. Make toast with bread
  2. Cut tomato in half
  3. scrape gung out of tomato according to taste
  4. Put the oil in the frying pan and wait for it to heat up (turn gas on?)
  5. Add eggs and tomatoes to frying pan
  6. fry until eggs are cooked
  7. add beans and sausages to frying pan, they will heat quickly
  8. Arrange toast on plate
  9. pour contents of frying pan on toast
  10. eat.


Meat sausages! ensure that you cook them properly before adding to the mess in the pan, either grill or fry, according to waist line.