steamed egg

By clara

one egg per serve,tranditional chinese way is using a large bowl to share with family. it's bloody easy!


eggs: depends how much do you want to serve
water,salt, monosodium glutamate(same function and description a


  1. 1. boil the water in a pot
  2. 2. while boiling, scamble the egg(s)in a container. add 2/5 medium cup of pure water in, add half small spoon of salt,and a little bit monosodium glutamate, pepper some peppercorn if you like a little spicy
  3. 3. put the container with the egg(s) into the boiled water pot.cover the pot
  4. 4. enjoy yourself after 10 minutes steam


1. the harder you scramble the egg(s), the better the taste would be. 2. the container could be a china cup,a bowl etc, but never the dishes.:-) 3. all chinese cooks just like c++ programming needs practice, testing and amendment,until you find the best taste.