Ollie Clark's RISC OS stuff

Over time I've created a few files that I thought might be useful to people so I've put them here for you to use. They're pretty much only useful if you use RISC OS. Quite possibly not even then.

Acorn Logos An Acorn and Archimedes logo and some other stuff in Draw format.
Filofax Templates Some Filofax templates (large page, small page, address and Elite prices ;-) ), in Impression Publisher format. If anyone converts tham to Ovation Pro format, I wouldn't mind a copy.
3d Tool Sprites Some 3d Tools icons to replace the standard icons that come with RISC OS. I did these before Acorn had even released NewLook so they look a little dated now. They are a different style to the Acorn 3d icons though and you may prefer them.
Background Tiles Some tiles sprites for your pinboard. Made when 2MB was lot of memory so putting a 2MB JPEG on your pinboard wasn't really an option and you really needed a tiled background to save memory.
Chess Board A chess board for if you're bored. Print out this superb chess board and play away at this ancient game to your hearts content. (Works better if you print onto card otherwise the pieces tend to blow away when people breath.)